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EA (Electronic Arts) Corporation is one of the world's largest gaming publishers. It was founded in 1982 by Apple's Triph Hawkins in order to publish video games of little-known developers. In those years, Hawkins invested in EA 200 000 dollars from his own pocket and even persuaded Steve Wozniak to take a seat on the board of directors of the company. To date, the annual revenue of this corporation is more than 4.5 billion dollars, and its staff has more than 8,000 professionals in several countries. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the results of the official conference of the EA, which was held within the framework of the E3 2017.

The conference began with the demonstration of a new part of the sports simulator Madden. The game, like last year's FIFA 17, will acquire a story component called Long Shot, which tells the dramatic story of a player's life in American football.

Shooter Battlefield 1 will acquire a supplement called "In the Name of the Tsar", which will bring in the game six new maps, as well as a lot of content, connected, as you already understood, with the Russian army of the First World War.

New FIFA 18. No one doubted for a second that the game during the conference will be given special attention. This time the person of the game was Cristiano Ronaldo. The movements of the famous football player were carefully scanned and transferred to his virtual incarnation.

The plot of FIFA 17 will continue the story of the fictional British football player Alex Hunter.

Need for Speed ​​with the subtitle Payback in terms of the gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Burnout series with all these disruptions, time delays and other beauties. The game looks very impressive, however, whether it will be possible for developers to maintain a degree of fun at such a high level throughout the passage – it is not yet clear.

The next game, which was supported by the EA publishing house within the EA Originals program, was the A Way Out co-operative prison adventure from the developers of the Brothers hit: A Tale of Two Sons from the Swedish studio Hazelight Studios. The two friends together will have to organize their escape from prison, just like in the well known all the series Prison Break. And what they showed us in the trailer, looks really cool.

EA founded the new division of SEED (Search for Extraordinary Experience Division), which will deal with the creation of advanced technologies. The trailer of this unit snapped to the network the day before yesterday, so it did not happen to surprise anyone.

A new game from BioWare in the popular science setting, which was riddled with so many rumors, was called Anthem (previously it was known by the code name Dylan). We were shown a teaser, promising to demonstrate the gameplay at the Microsoft conference (already tomorrow). Honestly, it was very cruel on the part of EA: that's how to irritate everyone and show nothing. Watch the news, as they say.

NBA LIVE 18. In August, everyone will receive a free demo version of the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II will receive a full story mode, which millions of franchise fans dreamed of. The plot of the game will tell us about what happened between "Return of the Jedi" and "Awakening Force". The project will receive three times as much content as the previous game. In the future, the game will receive completely free add-ons, which will be available to all players without exception.

On this, which is surprising, the conference ended. The miracle did not happen, and we were not shown a new adventure game by Amy Hennig based on Star Wars. Let's hope that it will be shown at the next E3 show. Stay with us, and we'll tell you about all the interesting premieres and announcements.


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