Computers in many countries were attacked by a virus-extortionist

Today on the Web, there have been reports that the internal computer system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is raging virus-extortionist, encrypting data and requiring money for the decryptor. If you do not buy a "master key" within the specified period, the virus simply erases all data from the computer. Unnamed sources argue that the infection is slowly acquiring a massive nature – the computers of the Lipetsk, Penza, and Kaluga MIA have already suffered. Specialists note that the virus is called WannaCry and asks for the unlocking of 300 dollars.

There is information that the computers of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation were also attacked, but its representatives, like the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, refute the reports, stating that there is no virus in the internal networks.

The mobile operator Megafon previously reported about the virus attacks. According to numerous reports, not only Russian companies and organizations were attacked. Today, computers were infected in several hospitals in the UK, a little later the virus attacked the Spanish telecommunications operator Telefonica. An employee of Avast said that the attack affected Ukraine and Taiwan.

Judging from the information available to experts, infection of computers could occur through the "hole" in the Windows operating system. Microsoft released an update that fixes the bug in March, but, apparently, those who have the updates disabled, eventually turned out to be victims of a virus-extortionist.


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