Netherlands fear the intervention of Russian hackers in the March elections to the parliament, which is why decided to completely abandon the computer processing of votes. Results will be counted in the manual mode to avoid potential fraud. The Dutch government in the fight against “Russian hackers’ decided to completely abandon the use of computers […]

Despite vigorous attempts of virtual reality (VR) to get to the mass market and become a part of everyday life, the 2016 can be called the year of augmented reality, which proved to be much clearer. Why in 2017, this trend will continue, because of what VR-helmets have not penetrated into every home – “Gazety.Ru” […]

In Europe, the thinking on the development of the bill, recognizing the special legal status of robots with artificial intelligence. Why Russia called the initiative “marasmus”, whether the robot can kill the driver and his passengers to expect if the machine uprising – in the article “Gazety.Ru”. In January 2017 it became known that the […]

In Wi-Fi and LTE could be an alternative – Li-Fi technology is used to transmit the data source of illumination. How involved in this Alexander Graham Bell, the light efficient than radio waves, and when the support Li-Fi will appear in the iPhone – in “Gazety.Ru” material. And the light, and the Internet The term […]

Amazon Prime Online cinema came in Russia and offers a view of the legal video content, including movies and TV shows. What it is already possible to see how the service is adapted for Russian users, and whether it is good value for money – in the article “Gazety.Ru”. Since December 14, 2016 Online Movies […]

Researchers convene conferences on sex with robots, and developers create devices for remote kiss. What kind of high-tech gadgets will soon appear on the market of toys “for adults”, as well as whether legalized marriages with androids – in “Gazety.Ru” material. Sex robots, and sex-bots are an integral part of science fiction. The idea of […]

In Barcelona opened the annual exhibition of mobile technologies MWC 2017. In the first few days of their new products introduced Nokia, LG and some other major industry players. His innovations show and Russian companies, including 20 residents of “Skolkovo”. Passing at the moment in Barcelona the exhibition of mobile technologies Mobile World Congress by […]

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