Why smartphone can not be trusted Telecommunications and mobile technologies are important for the inhabitants of the metropolis, such as electricity and water supply. But people forget that you can not blindly trust the device, applications and operators. Positive Technologies experts reminded how intercepted GPS-Signal, where vulnerabilities in networks and the dangerous Android-smartphone. Network trick […]

Hackers from Russia have tried to crack the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hackers made the attack on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, cracking one of the servers in Latin America and by sending out letters to several employees with trojan. Poles believe that behind it all the same Russian hackers who allegedly […]

Britain said the growth of hacker attacks on the part of Russia British National Cyber ​​Security Center, said the large number of hacker attacks, most of which is “Russian trace”. “Times” to understand, which the British government fears most, and why it took the Kremlin secrets of the kingdom. Ciaran Martin, head of the National […]

The world’s most wanted hacker linked to Russian intelligence Russian hacker Evgeniy Bogachev, whom the FBI offers a reward of $ 3 million, attributed to the cooperation with the Russian special services in the field of cyber espionage. As he became a “hacker №1”, why Russia could not fail to be interested in his criminal […]

The Pentagon said the vulnerability of US agencies to cyberattacks from Russia US Department of Defense Science Board released a study that says the vulnerability of US agencies and infrastructure to hacker attacks. The reason for this are the many weaknesses in control systems and information both civil and military installations. In the Pentagon report […]

Toys with an Internet connection to keep pace with time, but a danger to children and their parents. How personal data owners of teddy bears are on the network and why experts do not recommend to buy them – in “Gazety.Ru” material. “Smart” plush toys CloudPets by Californian company Spiral Toys were in the center […]

The number of hacker attacks on government agencies of the Russian Federation has increased three-fold compared with last year. What are the steps in this area takes the FSB why Russia United Center cybersecurity and what punishment awaits hackers for causing harm to the country’s infrastructure – in the article “Gazety.Ru”. Russia sent troops into […]

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