After 10 years of development, many translations and adaptations almost from scratch a former Final Fantasy Versus XII finally came out, becoming part of the series numbering, not a spin-offom. “Times” to check which turned the game from Square Enix, which have been waiting for fans of the series. Redesigning the entire game Few people […]

Обзор The Last Guardian The Last Guardian ( «The Last Guardian”) was a semi-mythical game, missing from the press conference Sony. Talking about it more and more came to resemble a conversation about something already forgotten. Still, the project returned to the development and released for the PlayStation 4. «Times” met a new creation Fumito […]

Best computer games 2016 The current year has proved that in the mobile segment can still be breakthroughs and protracted play turn into worthy projects. Adventures of Nathan Drake, a trigger for feminists, the First World War and the enigmatic animals – “Times” recalls iconic games in 2016. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Naughty Dog […]

Computer games for the New Year holidays The winter holidays between Christmas and New Year – a great reason to remember the game that for one reason or another could not start earlier. “Times” has prepared a list of projects that can be played in between eating Olivier and launch fireworks. Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3, […]

What is “spidrany” and how to play them High-speed passing games in 2017 but continues to find new fans. With the development of the first YouTube, and then Twitch «spidrany” have become an important part of the culture of video games. “Times” tells why this alloy is serious work and fun pastime interested gamers. Crossing […]

With the advent of a series of Souls and its successors glorious and cruel traditions like Bloodborne a new project from the creators of Ninja Gaiden behaving uncompromisingly to the player for the stupidity and rewards him for his attention and patience. “Times” has experienced a nice formula Nioh – die to win. Do not […]

Gravity Rush 2 Exclusive the Sony, allowing gravity to take control, reached the PlayStation 4 as a sequel. At this time, the scale of entertainment reached an entirely new level. “Times” back to a world where the laws of physics do not work. The coast Original Gravity Rush – exclusive PlayStation, which was good enough […]

Resident Evil series to the seventh main part of the back to basics, and far away from what Capcom involved in the past ten-odd years – the gain at the expense of the horror action games. “Times” experienced the fear and awe of a new chapter in the history of the famous Japanese design. Finding […]

New offspring Nintendo really attracted by how easy it can be used at home and then take a path in just a second. Will there be enough of it to impress the owners of other consoles? This question remains open. “Times” is not parted with Switch a few days to evaluate the pros and cons. […]

Game Horizon Zero Dawn was a mystery to the majority of players, since it is not too actively promoted. However, her living open world gameplay and a good lead to the conclusion that Guerrilla Games was excellent new project. “Times” also decided to hunt for robots in the wild. The experiment was a success Known […]

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