Alternative Android Cyanogen Mod received $ 80 million for the development of Cyanogen Mod called the biggest threat to Google Android mobile OS on the market: an alternative version of “robot”, which differs from the complete absence of basic services Google, is a cheaper version of the system with the same opportunities. The company managed […]

The researchers found 56 million potential vulnerabilities in more than a thousand applications German researchers have discovered a potential “hole” in the storage of user data by third-party applications. According to them, this threat may include more than 56 million units of sensitive information. Experts told “” how serious the threat can be and how […]

In Instagram will be a selection of topical news of world events Photo service Instagram followed by Twitter and YouTube launches its news feed. Therefore, the application after Google and Facebook supported the trend of transformation of the largest Internet companies in the media resources in an attempt to increase the number of users and […]

What applications can help in an emergency In extreme conditions, the smartphone can be very helpful, because many different applications offers a whole variety of useful information and functions needed in an emergency. “Times” decided to find out what applications will be particularly useful. “Ambulance” The app allows you to find the nearest point of […]

How convenient and profitable to order food through the application A whole range of different applications in the store offer services to deliver food directly to your apartment. The main advantage of these applications – a wide range of restaurants and cafes to choose from which can be the mood. But how convenient these or […]

The smartphone, which is almost every pocket, it can be very helpful and help in an emergency. About what kind of information on your smartphone, which applications and services can help in an emergency, – to “Gazety.Ru” material. The devices from Apple since iOS 8, and soon also in Android N preinstalled “Health” program. Many […]

Kaliningrad Colibri Games development team has released the first Russian game for the Apple TV. Prior to that, the Russians presented a puzzle «The Tiny Bang Story», which has become popular among iPhone owners worldwide. Co-founder of Studio Andrew Harutyunyan told “” on the set-top box, games for the whole family and Russian developers release […]

On Thursday, March 31 shuts down “Yandeks.Slovari”. Despite the universal indignation, the company decided to close the service and integrate its functions into the “Yandex.Translate”. “Times” has understood, what useful functions dictionaries company decided to keep and what alternative service exist on the Internet. The company “Yandex” has announced on his blog that the service […]

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messenger, not only in Russia but also in the world. However, despite this, for him there is still a lot of complaints, ranging from a small number of functions and ending with an abundance of scams. Many of the problems and shortcomings of WhatsApp applicable to other popular […]

Unusual application for processing photographs from Russian developers Prisma in a matter of days, Instagram has become a hit. “Times” spoke with the creators of the service and found out what it differs from normal editors shots and how this helped the neural network. Prisma application appeared in the App Store on June 11. Since […]

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