Cellular operators are asked to make amendments to the translation of the program into the ground airlines. The Ministry of Communications understands this position, offering operators to reduce costs, which now and so need the money to comply with the “law of Spring.” In the Moscow mayor’s office indicated that the operators need only align the documents concerning the placement of links on rooftops.

Telecom operators, operating in Moscow, still do not want to get rid of airlines and take them into the ground. Another battle broke out around the wire position at a meeting of the expert council liaison with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on Monday, 20 of February.

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Deputy Chief Minister Anatoly Golomolzin, opening the event, immediately outlined the essence of the conflict between the operating community and the City of Moscow. “Removing the air lines must be respected, taking into account sectoral legislation”, – the representative of the FAS suggested. He added that

you can not just pick up and cut the line, and we need to clearly think about how and where to move the communications infrastructure,

to the citizens, who will be a beautiful sky without wires, do not go at the same time without a signal.

group treatment

It is still not clear where it will be the dismantling of the links in the framework of the project on the improvement of the capital, said a representative of “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”), Igor Zatonskii. The second challenge for operators is the lack of understanding of where and how to carry cables to gain access to sanitation. Also open is the question of access to the attics of houses.

In addition, Zatonskii stressed that the reconstruction of the network will require capital expenditure on the part of operators.

As a workaround, an employee of “VimpelCom” proposed the creation of a working group, which will include the FAS, telecom operators, Department of Information Technology (DIT) in Moscow, “Mossvet” Roskomnadzor and other organizations interested in the transfer, and cutting the instillation of the wires underground.

Battle Vyhino

While the telecom market players voiced their vision of the problem, a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office said that the operators need only align the documents concerning the placement of links on rooftops. “If the documents are in order, then nobody will” cut “will not” – she insists, warning that improperly installed cables can lead to “the destruction of the panels.”

In response, the Association of telecommunication companies showed letters demanding

“To ensure the dismantling of lines” on the roofs of several houses that are mainly located in Vykhino.

Muscovites will learn not to be afraid of radiation from cellular base stations

The tower on the left

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It is noted that in this area recently started a spontaneous “snapshot” of the cable operators. This was pointed out, and Adviser on cooperation with regional authorities “Megaphone” Timothy Zebrin. Our Clients NetByNet, owned by the operator, due to such actions on the part of the municipality left without communications.

It would seem, what’s the Spring

Position operators understand the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia. The deputy director of radio and network control Department of Communications Ministry of Communications Mikhail Bykovsky pointed out that the main task of the regulator – to prevent the increase of prices of services, which will happen eventually because of the additional financial burden on the telecom market.

“The industry outlined the costs of the execution of the law Spring. It is necessary that the transfer lines cost less, “- he said.

The city authorities hide the electrical wires in the center of town and on the main highways under the asphalt

In Moscow grounded “vozdushki”

Moscow City Duma is preparing amendments to the law on the improvement of the city, clearly regulating the rules of electric transport, telecommunications and other …  →


Bykovsky said that the ministry can not allow residents to remain without connection at least for safety reasons.

Bykovskii agreed that it is not clear at the moment, which carry the line. The issue, according to the Ministry representative, not coordinated. “The problem of inconsistency among all actors and stakeholders of this situation”, – summed up Bykovsky and asked the Moscow government did not cut the link.

Summing up the meeting, the deputy head of the FAS Golomolzin announced that in two weeks will really be a working group of the Government of Moscow, in which will discuss the transfer of air lines.

Question liquidation “vozdushki” in Moscow has been discussed for several years. In 2014, the Moscow department of the fuel and energy sector has prepared a draft, which regulates the procedure for approval of air links. In early 2015 the elimination of cables has been included in the program for the improvement of the city, which will affect the 4 th. Street.


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