At American airports, testing of a system that recognizes faces begins

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In the US, at the end of this month, the first tests of the face recognition system at several airports should begin. Passengers of JetBlue Airways, which became the initiator of the experiment, will not even have to get their passports and other documents to get on board the plane. After all, it's enough for the new system to look at people's faces fluently, to check them through the databases of security services and register for the flight. In order to implement this project, JetBlue Airways joined forces with the Customs Service and the US Border Patrol. The program side of the project is the responsibility of SITA.

The work of the new system is based on the reconciliation of a person's face with a photograph stored in the database. The first to experience the work of the new security system, passengers traveling from the city of Boston to the Caribbean islands. People will not need to show any papers at all or register in advance to participate in this program. In the process of recognition, a person just needs to stand in front of the camera, which instantly scans the face and checks it with the database. In the event of refusal to participate in the pilot program, the passenger has the right to board the aircraft in an old and tested way.

Of course, the developers of the system do not expect that everything will go perfectly smoothly. The new software is probably still full of flaws, and it will take some time to put it into operation on an ongoing basis. Especially for this work the system will be monitored by airport security staff who will take care that the software does not break the firewood, and also listen to criticism and comments from passengers.

                  Testing of the system recognizing faces begins at American airports










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