Artificial intelligence will save crops from diseases and pests

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Multinational multinational company Monsanto is the world leader in plant biotechnology. Its specialists have been working for decades to create new genetically modified plants that can survive in almost all conditions and which are not afraid of viruses and dangerous pests. To achieve its goals, Monsanto often resorts to the most advanced technologies. For example, recently it became known that it will join forces with one of the leaders in the field of artificial intelligence development – the company Atomwise.

Artificial intelligence will help Monsanto scientists quickly and efficiently detect molecules that can protect crops from various diseases and insects. Instead of looking through countless molecules one by one, the neural network created by Atomwise uses deep machine learning to exclude most options and leave only those candidates who will have the desired effect. This approach to solving the problem will save Monsanto a huge amount of time and money. After all, as a rule, the development of effective protection for grain crops takes about 11 years. And the cost of such projects exceeds a quarter of a billion dollars.

The use of artificial intelligence in research not only will speed up the very long process and bring Monsanto additional profit, but also predict possible side effects from using the created crop processing facilities. After all, it is important not only to save the crop, but also not to harm the environment, insects that do not pose a danger to crops, as well as soil.

                  Artificial intelligence will save crops from diseases and pests










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