PH “Kommersant” continues to get rid of their projects. Now Publishing House dismisses all employees and covers the “Kommersant-Lifestyle». True, the general director Vladimir Zhelonkin ID denied this information.

The fact that the publishing house “Kommersant” has decided to close the online project “Kommersant-Lifestyle”, said in his facebook chief editor Eugene T. media.

“Today,” Kommersant “Publishing House leadership announced the closure of our Z-Lifestyle online project, which I, along with my colleagues engaged in about 9 months. All editors fired almost one day (formally 14 February), disabled access to the system without warning, does not work admin panel and e-mail “, – the journalist wrote.

According Tikhonovich,

the decision to close was a complete surprise for the team.

At the same time, he noted that in the eight months of work in “Kommersant-Lifestyle” succeeded “site recognizable, publish many good texts seriously raise traffic and to implement the project with the theater Fomenko.”

At the same time later, RIA “News” reported that the CEO of the publishing house “Kommersant” Vladimir Zhelonkin refuted Tikhonovich the closure of the online project and dismissal of the entire editorial staff. “There’s just one person was fired, which it writes,” – he said.

Another staff member, “Kommersant-Lifestyle» – chief editor of Anastasia Kamensky wrote a similar post Tikhonovich.

“To leave you need to know how beautiful, even if the” go “you. And they do it very ugly. <…> On whether it would be with him on something, and if not, then it will appear instead, he decides to “Kommersant” Publishing House, considering the right and ability to

disable the editor of the site, and all corporate email systems without warning ”

– She said in his facebook.

In a conversation with “Gazetoy.Ru” ex-employee of the project said that her former colleagues do not abandon their words and, “as far as we know”, “Kommersant-Lifestyle” is really close. According to her, it was “not too many” people in the version that worked on this edition.

“We were informed that the project is closed from 14 February. It’s all “- succinctly answered the question” Gazety.Ru “one of the journalists,” Kommersant-Lifestyle ».

T. confirmed “” management decision “Kommersant” Publishing House.


In addition, it has a new facebook account, in which T. published a “photo document available to the editorial board, which confirms that the project” Kommersant-Lifestyle »closed and editors fired for this reason.” Under the notice of termination of the agreement concluded on February 13 appears Zhelonkina signature.

Nepoluchivshiysya glyanets

Online Project was launched in late 2015. Media was positioned as a “moderately glossy and rather analytical section on the site” Kommersant “.

"Kommersant" closed the paper version of the magazine "Power" and "Money"

Without the “Government” and “money”, but with “Twinkle”

“Kommersant” Publishing House printed version closes weekly magazine “Power” and “Money”, leaving them only online. With this guide …  →


“Ten constantly updated columns help to keep abreast of the latest trends and news from the world of fashion, watches, jewelery, design and lifestyle. Easy navigation helps to share all the content in the materials for men and materials for women, “- said in a note the first chief editor Natela Lifestyle Potsherveriya.

This is another project that parted in the ID. For example, in early January, staff edition of “Money” was told on the pages of social networks that “Kommersant” stops the issue of the publication. In addition to the “money” has affected and the weekly “Power”.

Such a move, according to Zhelonkina, was dictated by the general trends in online media transition. “Revenues from advertising in their paper today eaten printing magazines themselves. It’s a business zero to zero – in our opinion, nonsensical. In all other respects we have a very steady growth “, – he stressed.

According to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (RACA), the share of advertising in magazines declined by 7% in the first nine months of 2016. Overall, this market represented in 2016 7.3-7.5 bln. A year earlier the rate was 7.9-8.1 bln. According to ACAR statistics for January – September 2015 the share of advertising in magazines declined by 32%.

At the same time, growing Internet market. So, for the first nine months of 2016 online advertising sales increased by 24% compared to the same period in 2015, to 83-96 billion rubles.


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