Amazon Prime Online cinema came in Russia and offers a view of the legal video content, including movies and TV shows. What it is already possible to see how the service is adapted for Russian users, and whether it is good value for money .

Since December 14, 2016 Online Movies Amazon Prime has expanded its broadcasting, covering more than 200 countries, including Russia. See content strimingovogo service possible on some TVs, Samsung and LG’s Smart TV feature, a computer, and a special mobile application for Android and iOS.

Cinema without novelties

Connecting to Amazon Prime gives the user a week free trial, during which you can freely renounce the service provider. When you register you must specify the card number, so that after seven days, the money will be withdrawn from it automatically.

Subscribe to Russia will cost € 2.99 per month for Amazon Prime work half a year. Subsequently per-view will have to pay € 5,99 per month.

The user can control the traffic flow, choosing the video quality when viewing. In addition, you can enable auto in which Amazon Prime independently select the best settings streaming based on location, ISP and device for viewing audience.

In Russia came "zomboyaschika killer" - video streaming service Netflix

Netflix reached Russia

The world’s largest service for watching TV shows Netflix officially became available to Russian viewers. It was at CES 2016 which is …  →


In Amazon Prime service is built X-Ray from the IMDB, which allows to know the names of the actors playing the episode titles of musical compositions and interesting facts about the film or TV series.

First of all, Amazon Prime provides access to its own show – firstly, it is The Grand Tour of the former leading Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. At the time of this writing, the user gets six episodes with audio tracks in different languages and subtitles, including Russian.

You can also see other Amazon Studios series production – is “The Man in the High Castle”, “Mozart in the Jungle”, “Obvious”, “red oak” and others.

In a press release from Amazon stated that together with the subscription to the user will gain access to a couple of hundreds of popular TV shows and movies, including in Russian. While the selection of films from the Russian track is not very large: you can see the classics – “Scarface,” “Green Mile” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, a number of popular films that have become part of the franchise, such as “Despicable Me” or ” Fast and the Furious 5″,

but yet in the catalog do not have a single picture, taken after 2012.

With TV shows this is not the best: dubbed into Russian language is not at all, but there is a show with Russian subtitles, for example, relatively new “fear the walking dead” on the AMC channel, and “Startup” with Martin Freeman.

This lack of knowledge of the original language, you can see all the seasons of TV series “Community” and “Justice”, as well as a couple of dozen films, among which, again, no one news dated the last three years.

Amazon Prime promises to expand its base, but as long as the range of video leaves much to be desired.

The alternative is:

At the beginning of 2016 Russia came Netflix, another foreign online cinema, acting on the territory of 134 countries. It provides a free month of use and subscription, which costs from € 8 to € 12.

Netflix, like Amazon Prime, do not have Russian interface and large database of duplicate series, but

its English-language catalog is pretty good – in particular, are available for viewing “Orange – hit of the season”, “Daredevil,” “Hannibal”, “Acute visors” and many others.

The head of the Russian Megogo on the regulation of online cinema

“In its current form the law of the ISS will not be accepted”

Director General Megogo online cinema in Russia Viktor minted in an interview with described how the union deals Mediakommunikatsionnogo .

Late last year, the State Duma introduced a bill to regulate the online activities of cinemas in Russia, which could potentially affect the foreign players, including Amazon Prime and Netflix. But in order to get into the registry, it is necessary to overcome the bar attendance of 100 thousand people a day (for regional services -. 20 thousand people)., What can not yet boast of neither the one nor the other.

In Russia currently has several major online cinemas, such MEGOGO, ivi, Amediateka and others that allow legally watch videos online without downloading capabilities.

In this case each has its advantages: because, Amediateka has the rights to the class series “A”, such as “Game of Thrones”, “House of Cards”, “Breaking Bad” and others, and MEGOGO provides users with 95% of its content (. about 22 thousand. hours of video) for free on the basis of advertising.


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