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A few days ago, the artificial intelligence program had already defeated Ke Jie, the best player in go, and yesterday again strengthened his leadership, again defeating the champion, reports The Verge.

Ke Jie said that initially he tried to confuse the program, so the first 50 moves he managed to implement his strategy. He coped well with the task, constantly confusing the program and distracting it, attacking on all fronts, but then AlphaGo wriggled out of the difficult situation, repulsed all attacks of Khe Dze and again defeated the champion.

Last time, the break of the program was only half a point. As specialists who programmed AlphaGo explained, AI was initially set to win. Other options for configuring the program assume the program to the maximum gap on points or a game in giveaway. According to the developers, artificial intelligence can play in different styles, but, unlike the previous program, the calculation of the new AI requires ten times less resources.

The developers are planning to play one more game the other day. In the future match the program will have to compete with five opponents at once.

                  AlphaGo again defeated the champion of the game go










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