After the victory over Facebook, the company ZeniMax decided to sue Samsung

Not so long ago we told you that the publishing house ZeniMax, which owns such game studios as Bethesda and id Software, was the winner in the lawsuit against the manufacturer of VR-helmets Oculus, owned by Facebook. On this lawyers ZeniMax decided not to stop, because 500 000 000 dollars won in court, for a long time will not suffice. Therefore, the next target for legal action was the South Korean technology giant Samsung.

Let us remind you how events developed earlier. The famous game designer John Carmack, who gave the world Doom and Quake, moved from id Software to Oculus. Once Oculus was acquired by Facebook for a couple of billion dollars, ZeniMax's management realized that since virtual reality technology is so attractive to investors, it would be nice to have small dividends from it. John Carmack was accused of having taken with him the intellectual property of ZeniMax related to VR developments in the process of leaving his former place of work. We all know that this story ended not in favor of Carmack and Oculus. Surprisingly, it's true that to this day none of the games of this publisher supports the helmets of virtual reality. The first such game should be Fallout 4 VR, which will be released in the coming months.

The reason for filing a new lawsuit is still connected with virtual reality. This time ZeniMax did not hit the helmet of Samsung Gear VR, which John Ch. Carmack put his hand to the creation, as you already guessed. Lawyers of the publishing house argue that Carmack began developing a mobile VR helmet while working in id Software, and later, already settling in Oculus, passed his workings to the engineers of Samsung. The management of ZeniMax, according to the lawsuit, is extremely dissatisfied with the fact that despite the victory in the trial over Oculus, the Koreans continue to release the new Gear VR as if nothing had happened. Given that only in the first quarter of this year, Samsung sold about 800,000 sets of these helmets, it can be assumed that ZeniMax will insist on huge compensation.


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