The administration of Facebook for three days blocked account advisor to the president of Russian on the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko for copyright infringement. It is connected with the complaint on the part of the blogger Stalik Khankishiyeva. Klimenko himself does not intend to return to facebook and even grateful for Khankishiyev complaint.

Advisor to the President of Russia on the development of the Internet, German Klimenko told about the three-day lock his account on Facebook because of “copyright infringement”, according to the administration of the social network. The reason for the application of such sanctions was the placement advisor to President screens with advertising material presenter and blogger Stalik Khankishiyeva related health problems in Moscow.

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Adviser to the President on the Internet blocked in facebook

Klimenko ready to give up Google and Facebook

Клименко дал Telegram «двушечку»

“Stalik very strained situation that anyone could suspect him of disinterested participation in the story (with claims to the capital’s health care -.” Times “), and he took advantage of a loophole in the rules of Facebook copyright”, – told the “” Klimenko.

According to him, with the approval of Facebook unconditional lock for copyright infringement is one of the bases of its success, however Klimenko confident that in such situations it is difficult to establish clearly the rightness, and to do so must be a person, not a robot.

“Thank you and Stalik and Facebook – they suggested to me that the presidential advisor inappropriate to sit in facebook. After all, this is not even a social network is working with our law enforcement agencies, “- he explained” Gazety.Ru “.

Klimenko also promised to publish the final text on his page on Facebook, which will describe the reasons for leaving and the background, and then go to “VKontakte”.

“No complaints, I will not write to Facebook. It is their right. On the other hand, Stalik could lodge an action against me, if it considers that I had violated his rights, and not to use the “holes” in the facebook “- said Klimenko.

At the end of the conversation he said that he sees no ideological overtones in the lock.

“This is a purely technical history”, – summed up the Adviser to the President.

Earlier Klimenko published screenshots, which said that he lost three days of access to writing posts. Temporary lock is associated with the publication of “violating anyone’s rights” laws or messages.

In addition, the social network administrators have deleted some posts advisor, which complained Khankishiyev.

“Stalik still got his way. FB banned me and turn in “VKontakte”. Please notify my friends in FB, and thank you to pass Stalik “- said Klimenko situation has occurred on your page in the” VKontakte “.

The history of online dialogue and Khankishiyeva Klimenko started with the fact that the president’s adviser wrote in facebook post with a hint of what the blogger is engaged in the problems of health in Moscow is not entirely disinterested.

“Watching curious briefcase Stalik – printers (Deputy Mayor, in charge of medicine, Leonid printers -.” Times “). Curious it a lot. He even wanted to somehow write about this case as an example of the influence of new media. But why spoil it? And so the coverage in Stalik significantly more opportunities Pechatnikova. But even for the money to pour coals in the furnace? PS: Stalik fell into a rage. This means that I am right in his suspicions? “- Wrote Klimenko.

Last year Klimenko stated its readiness to abandon the use of social networking site Facebook and Google’s services.

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“One way or another all States to build a virtual border, because modern technology allows to carry out on foreign soil colossal intelligence activities. It is a matter of economic security of the state, in my opinion. I use Google itself, Facebook, but now I will probably give up these services due to the fact that I am an official, and I will have new mail on », – noted Klimenko.

In December 2016, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova explained “”, that picture of a murdered Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Turkey with its pages was removed by Facebook administration.

“My facebook was blocked for a few minutes, after unlocking the photo disappeared, there was a message that the image has been removed due to violation of ethical norms,” – said Zakharov.

Then Zakharov has posted a photo of Charles before the murder with the signature superimposed on it: “I do not like being shot in the back.” So she quoted lyrics Vladimir Vysotsky “I do not like.”

In July 2015, the deputy head of Roskomnadzor Maxim Ksenzov also reported the blocking of your account in Facebook for a day and you get a warning about a possible lock permanently.


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